ARRI Berlinale

ARRI private lounge at the Berlinale 2019. New experiences in Film restoration and transfer.  Exchanging ideas about aged media. 


Practice & acknowledgement at The EMIL BERLINER STUDIOS, named after the inventor of the gramophone. Direct to disc recordings are really something very special Vinyl mastering plays a very important role in the quality of the end result.


Participating in the film restoration forum in Munich- Germany


Supervising a TVC for the Ministry of Economy produced and created by advertising students at Notre Dame University


NEUMANN: Experiencing and testing microphones, soundproofing and speaker at NEUMANN inventor- Berlin, German

Marmoura Studio

Studio Marmoura: Lunching a studio and a museum named after Kassis’s mother. The studio will be designed for Foley, ADR, Orchestra recording using the upmost German analogue technologies. Moreover, Studio Marmoura will comprise cinema and audio recording equipment such as Steenbeck and Moviola.